• Retirement Provision
  • School fees planning
  • Your dream house/boat/car
  • Paying of your mortgage early
  • Simply saving some �Hong Kong income�!

Whether your savings objectives are for....

We should all be saving at least some of our hard-earned cash in the most effective manner. Ernest Maude represents all the leading providers of offshore savings accounts, not just pensions. The recommendations of our Account Managers are dependent on your overall objectives, age and working years remaining.

A financially stable retirement should be a key priority for all of us, but many people fail to recognise the impact a gap in pension provision can create. You may feel secure in that your pension is 'on track'. Our Advisors can carry out a 'pension health check' to ensure that your future standards of living are not jeopardised.

Living and working abroad can offer significant attractions - higher salaries, favorable tax environments and other fringe benefits. However, away from the disciplined framework of a home country pension scheme, a potential shortfall in future benefits can easily occur.

For example, GBP1000 today will be worth GBP456 in 20 years at only 4%pa inflation. Delaying the commencement of your plan by just one year will cost you approx. 15% of your overall retirement fund.

If you are considering a tax efficient offshore savings account, whether for retirement or not, you need superior investment opportunities, access to top performing fund managers, flexible contributions, a choice of currencies and benefit options at maturity. You need Ernest Maude.




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