Perhaps you’re on the threshold of buying your first home, or selling your home and buying another. You may be thinking of acquiring a property for investment purposes, or simply moving your existing mortgage. Whatever your plans, arranging a mortgage that suits your needs is easy with Ernest Maude.

Free initial consultation to establish mortgage extent and type, and to build a payment plan.


Competitive packages from top-end High Street banks and building societies.


Guidance through every stage of the buying process.


Advice on managing agents and furnishings packs for buy-to-let investments.


In-house insurance provision.


Whether you’re starting out or moving on, with Ernest Maude you’ll be sure to receive expert advice, a highly competitive mortgage and peace of mind.


If you’re looking to invest in overseas property in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, Ernest Maude can help you find one. We have a range of homes available in various locations. If you currently own and would like to sell, we can also assist through our network of clients and property agents.


If you are seeking to purchase a property and have a specific requirement in a particular location, Ernest Maude can help you to search and find the home you are looking for. We can also assist with commercial properties such as hotels, offices and shops.


Most overseas properties are purchased for investment. You will therefore need someone to look after your asset. Ernest Maude will assist you in finding a suitable and professional management company to do this. 


Ernest Maude can advise and help you to a suitable mortgage with a competitive rate. Facilities can be arranged either for yourself or for purchase by an offshore company.

If you are letting your property, you can usually achieve higher returns if your home is furnished. Ernest Maude can help you arrange for the purchase and installation of a complete package of furnishings and household items at highly competitive prices.
You should always use a solicitor or lawyer for any property purchase, and Ernest Maude can help you to find the right legal expert as well as explain and advise on the legal processes throughout.
We can advise on general tax matters and tax efficient methods of purchasing a property. However, it is highly advisable to appoint a qualified accountant to look after your tax matters and also help mitigate any unnecessary deductions, and Ernest Maude will help you to arrange this.
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